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REVIEW: Supernova MKII by Digital Home Entertainment, Spring 1998

“SuperNova MKII is quite simply the most amazing subwoofer I've ever tested.” 

 “As its company boasts, the Earthquake SuperNova MK II subwoofer produces extremely high SPL (volume) levels in any size room. In fact, we were quite surprised with the volume levels the woofer reached, given its small enclosure.”

“…with an Xmax of 18.7mm, this woofer has three to four times the average subwoofer's excursion. There are too many positives to list about the actual transducer itself, … I'll just say it's built very well.”

“…the sub integrated into my system quite well. I was delightfully surprised at the sonic presence and transparency of the SuperNova, as it delivered tight, accurate bass even at very low volume levels.”

“The experience was like watching this movie for the first time. I found myself gripping the couch nervously during the more "explosive" scenes.”

“This component, in its entirety, is well thought out, and built even better. To put it plainly, the Earthquake SuperNova MKII is quite simply the most amazing subwoofer I've ever tested.”
Digital Home Entertainment, Spring 1998

REVIEW: Supernova MKII Test report published by Widescreen Review Magazine

“For the ultimate in gut-wrenching home theater bass...”
 “There is no visible heat sink because the Class D switching amplifier, that is rated at 580 watts continuous power, produces little heat and doesn't require one.”

“This unit is aimed at producing maximum SPL from a small but not diminutive enclosure in the 30-50Hz range. The Earthquake SuperNova … delivered 113dB at 40Hz, 113dB at 35Hz, and 113dB at 30Hz. This is the new record for high output level for all subwoofers reviewed so far”.

“Output remained clean and free from audible distress down to about 28Hz … More significantly it was… difficult to drive to audible distress. It produced a strong, clear output of 106dB at 25Hz and could reach 98dB at 20Hz and below… The output of 113dB at 35Hz is incredibly high, and the highest level attained by any subwoofer in the review; ..”

“…as you can imagine, the SuperNova produces a tremendous sense of slam on sound effects and may make your neighbors think that you're actually having an earthquake”. 
“Caution: the SuperNova can play so loud that if you hear distress in use you need to turn your system down or you will soon irrevocably
damage your hearing and then everything will become inaudible.”

“The Earthquake SuperNova is the new champ for high SPL in the important 30-50Hz range, giving sound effects their greatest possible impact.”

“If your home entertainment system is biased towards film sound, and your neighbors are understanding or somewhat distant, this may be the sub of your dreams. Be sure to Velcro your crystal collection to the shelves ”
Widescreen Review, V1,#1, issue27.

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